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日本のシナリオ” (hereafter referred to as “this site”) takes the utmost care to protect your personal information so that you, our visitors, can use this site with confidence. The privacy policy of this site is as follows.

Privacy Policy

Personal and corporate information registered by users will be used solely for the purpose of providing functions and services on this site.

We pay the utmost attention to the protection of personal and corporate registration information. We will not use registered information beyond the scope of application without the consent of the user.

The scope of this Privacy Policy is limited to the functions and services provided by this website.

All personal and corporate information provided by users when using the services of this site will be kept strictly confidential.

In addition, we will strive to improve the security of the site and take care to make it more secure.

Private information of individuals and corporations provided by users will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the user. However, this does not apply when requested by public authorities in accordance with the law, when there are special provisions in the law, or when there is a risk of serious damage to the life, health, or assets of the user or the public.

For the protection of personal information, we may revise this policy as necessary. In the event of any revision, we will promptly disclose the revised policy on our website so that users can be aware of its contents and include it in our Privacy Policy.

Advertisements by third-party distributors

This website carries advertisements distributed by third-party distributors such as Google and through other advertising networks.

These advertisements include ads that are delivered based on information about a user’s previous visits to that or other websites using advertising cookies.

Advertisements on this Website

Advertising allows Google and many of its websites and related services to be available free of charge.

Google strives to ensure, to the best of its ability, that ads are safe, unobtrusive, and properly delivered.

This site also understands Google’s policies and strives to comply with its ad-serving policies while striving to improve the user experience.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the user’s browser. cookies are used to enhance the convenience of ad placement. without cookies, it would be difficult to deliver relevant ads to users.

Google and its partners use advertising cookies to deliver and display relevant advertisements on this site. Advertising cookies do not contain personally identifiable information.

Users of this site can disable personalized advertising on Google’s ad settings page. Alternatively, you can disable cookies from third-party providers used for personalized advertising on the page.

If you have not disabled third-party ad serving, cookies from third-party ad-serving providers and ad networks may be used when serving ads.

Third-party distributors and ad networks that distribute advertisements posted on this website.

The following are businesses and ad networks that distribute advertisements posted on this site.

Please refer to the linked pages for each company’s privacy policy.

  • Google’s Advertising Policies and Terms
  • Google and third-party distributors and ad networks
  • Amazon Personalized Advertising Terms and Conditions

About Access Analysis

This site uses the advertising-oriented features of Google Analytics. The contents of this advertising-oriented functionality are as follows.

  • Google Analytics Remarketing
  • Google Display Network Impression Report
  • Google Analytics user analysis and reports on interest categories
  • Services that require Google Analytics for data collection for advertising purposes (including data collection via advertising cookies and identifiers)

This site complies with Google Analytics’ policy regarding advertising-oriented features and does not personally identify you or combine personally identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information collected through Google’s advertising services or advertising features.

The Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on developed by Google allows you to disable the use of your data by Google Analytics on this site.

About comments on this site

As a response to spam and vandalism, this site records the IP address used when commenting.

This is a standard supported feature of the blog and we do not use this IP address for anything other than responding to spam/vandalism.

The input of email addresses and URLs are optional. Please note that all comments are subject to prior review and approval by the administrator.

In addition, comments containing any of the following items may be unacceptable and deleted at the discretion of the administrator

  • Any material that defames or slanders a specific natural or legal person.
  • Contains extremely obscene content.
  • Items related to transactions of prohibited goods, or requests for or facilitation of acts that are prohibited by law, such as requests for acts that are harmful to others.
  • Other items that are deemed offensive to public order and morals or that should not be approved by the Superintendent.


In the event that you are transferred from this site to another site via a link, banner, or other means, we assume no responsibility for the information, services, or other content provided on the new site.

While every effort is made to ensure that the content and information on this site is as accurate as possible, there may be times when misinformation is introduced or information is out of date.

Please note that we are not responsible for any damages caused by the contents of this website.

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